Bucket List

I think our time in this world is short. I know I forget that, all too often. In an effort to remember my mortality, I decided to actually write a Bucket List. I know people throw around the phrase “Oh, that’s on my Bucket List” all too often, but how many people actually sit down and commit to a list of Do Before I die activities? Well, I am working on one. This is the first draft, so there are likely to be a few items that will later be deleted and others that will find there way on there. I assume those will be smaller activities that will tug at my heart strings more than my sense of adventure. So here is rough draft number one.

  1. Hold, cuddle and read to my grandchild
  2. Take an African Safari
  3. Travel to South East Asia
  4. Hike in Italy
  5. Vacation in the South of France
  6. Do a multi-day bike trip
  7. Take the family on a vacation to a giant house or resort with tons of active things to do (Adriatic Coast or a Beach House somewhere)
  8. Learn to speak Spanish well
  9. Learn to speak French well
  10. Do an extremely generous (life changing) act for a person or family
  11. Travel to Puerto Rico
  12. Stay at the Chateau Frontenac
  13. Become a good gardener
  14. Make a difference in the life of a child
  15. Go white water rafting in a scenic area
  16. Hike to Grand Falls hut in Maine
  17. Go snorkeling to an awesome spot
  18. Return to Switzerland (hiking)
  19. Write a book
  20. Take a multi-day canoe trip
  21. Vacation in a wine region
  22. Adriatic coastal trip
  23. Return to New Zealand for a month with Alan
  24. Go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  25. Hike a challenging mountain
  26. Go to a developing country and volunteer in a school
  27. Plan and execute a dream trip for Al
  28. Hike in the South West
  29. Explore the West Coast
  30. Be able to do the Lotus pose
  31. Have visible ab muscles

So what about you, what is on your Bucket List??


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