Hold me in Your Heart for Awhile

Not many people sit and plan their funeral or memorial service. As a matter of fact, I am not really keen on parties in my honour, it just makes me feel uncomfortable. I thought I would rather just disappear with no fanfare at all. However, the first moment I heard “Hold me in Your Heart” by Warren Zevon, I knew I wanted that song played at my farewell event. It made me realize that I actually did want to be remembered. Just have a listen to this song.

While I am thinking about that perfect final song, how about some other final requests.

Pre-service request. Organ or tissue donation. If at all possible, let the medical community use what they can. Now the service…..

1. No church service, I didn’t attend church when I was alive so it would be hypocritical to go now
2. No coffin, at all, period. So that ends the “open casket” debate.
3. Cremation please. It would be my preference to have my ashes spread in the wilderness, however, if family want a place to visit, go ahead and get a plot. Even better, would be a park bench engraved in my memory. The location doesn’t really matter to me.
4. Photos, photos, photos. Life was good and I lived it well, so celebrate my life with photos and slide shows throughout the years.
5. Play Warren Zevon’s Keep Me in Your Heart for Awhile
6. Don’t be sad! Set a time limit for sadness and then get on with living !!!! Life is Short, Live your Dreams, I’ll be watching you.


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