Things I love About Autumn

Geese flying overhead with that familiar honking, almost announcing the arrival of cold weather

Season of soups and stews,  the greatest comfort foods going

Vibrant leaves painted in crazy randomness, never ceasing to leave me in awe

Apple picking, a family tradition continued

Autumn decor, pumpkins, hay, mums and gourds

Long walks in the forest, with the rustle of leaves beneath my steps

The absence of pesky bugs, that annoy us in Spring

Rich colours,  a crisp blue sky, crimson leaves and breathtaking sunsets

The return to soaking in a hot bath, enveloping my body in perfect warmth

The first waft of smoke from a woodstove warding off the dampness of Fall

Temperatures comfortable for raking, walking or swinging on the front porch

Abundant fresh veggies at the market, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and peppers

Raking leaves, making me miss a time we raked as a family


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