50th Birthday Trip …. Where to Go?????

Where in the world should I take the Birthday boy??

Al turns 50 in June. This guy has been the love of my life for over 30 years. He has always put the kids and I before himself. The only time he has splurged on himself was for the odd piece of camera equipment. So, I have known for some time now that I wanted to give him an awesome 50th birthday trip. In case you are wondering, both of us really don’t want a birthday party, we love travel, so a trip is almost an unspoken gift we give each other for special occasions.

Criteria for the birthday trip
1. Al loves playing with his camera, the location has to have lots of photo ops.
2. Al is a nature lover, the trip would be spent outdoors in nature.
3. Al loves animals, as hard as they are to photograph, he is always chasing that perfect bird photo. So birds and animals have to be part of the trip
4. We both hate crowds, so a lesser known travel destination is preferred
5. We don’t like the constraints of other peoples itineraries, so no tours, cruises etc, The trip has to be independent travel
6. The trip has to be special and unique (like Al) It needs to have a “wow” factor.
7. We like to be active, and fortunately still are relatively fit, so the trip needs to involve enough activity
8. Weather, and this is more for me than Al, I really don’t like being cold and wet.
9. The trip can not cost an arm and a leg.

So I started with a list of options
Iceland, Yellowstone Park, Yosemite Park, rafting the Colorado River, Dominica and Puerto Rico. I googled my way to a fair amount of knowledge about the prospective locales. I really wanted to plan the trip as a surprise, but in the end, it was too important for this to really be THE trip that Al would love, so I started consulting with him.

But alas, I discovered something quite cool. That is when, I pretty much decided on my own that Puerto Rico was it. It is sea turtle nesting season around his birthday. It was meant to be, how cool would it be to see Sea turtles. I know it is not a sure thing, but snorkeling, caving, a rain forest and a good chance of seeing Sea Turtles. That sounds like it would be the perfect place for Al and I to celebrate a 50th birthday. Who knows, maybe he will even get dive certified by then.

So excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update after the trip: Puerto Rico

Sea turtles on Zoni Beach, Culebra

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico


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