What Do I Love Doing??

I have been watching a few Ted Talks lately that all echo the same sentiment —  Find your passion or Do what you love.  That is great advice and I do think I do a decent job enjoying life.  But really, when I think about it,  I also spend a fair amount of time online or watching TV.  So is there something else I should be doing?  Something I am passionate about??

So what do I love doing?  I think if money were no object, for sure, I would travel more, perhaps volunteer or teach English far far away.  But really, I would not love leaving Al to do that.  On second thought, I am happy travelling with him a couple times a year.

So, what else do I love doing?  I  love being outdoors, walking, hiking, sitting, reading. I  also love cooking, trying new recipes. I love teaching one on one.  I like writing, can’t say I love it, since I am just not that good at it. But I would love to be good at it, so I appreciate it as a process, and I love that.  I like taking pictures.  The love is not there yet, because the skill is not there.  What is it Malcomn Gladwell said?, you have to do something 10,000 times to become an expert.

Skor Bars

I love reading the right book, but hate wasting time reading the wrong book.  I begrudge the time and money spent on “Fifty Shades of Grey” I also hate looking at book reviews to try to find the right book.  So I wait until someone gives me a book and guarantees that I will love it.  This is what happened to me and the Poisonwood Bible. I love Independent movies, foreign independent movies are even better.  I am also loving the television series, Parenthood. It is so authentic.

I love my family, love spending time with them.   I wish I could sit around with them, chatting about everything and nothing.  But when they are settled, I will visit them…..often.

I love Googling, the search for an answer, the perfect destination, the age of a movie star, or the life expectancy of a zebra.  You name it, I love Googling it !!

So where does this leave me.  I probably do spend too much time watching TV, but really there is not a giant list of unfulfilled desires in my life.  Still though, I feel the Ted Talks should motivate some change in me. So here are my four changes.

  1.  I will not watch TV for the sake of watching TV, it has to be a show I want to watch
  2. I make at least one new recipe a week
  3. I will take more photos
  4. I will write in my blog regularly

What about you, what do you love doing? And are you really spending enough time doing what you love?


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