Daily Post: Seconds – Please Sir I Want Some More

Daily Post: Seconds. Describe your most glorious meal in detail
pizza margherita

As Oliver Twist once said “I want some more”. The more in my case, is more than succulent flavours and mouth-watering goodness. I learned this ten years ago.

It was in an intimate piazza (public courtyard) in Venice. We sat outdoors, at the table furthest from the restaurant and closest to the water fountain. We watched children playing ball and many passersby. Some were tourists, others, Venetians shopping and still others, business men (and women) with briefcases. There were many dogs running about and faint music coming from an inexplicable source. This scene was almost surreal. This old world courtyard filled with modern sights and sounds.

We were at a Pizzeria, but with a 10, 12 and 14-year-old, that is no big surprise. I don’t even remember what kind of pizza I ordered. I only remember that my youngest ordered a Margherita Pizza. It was number one on the menu. The waiter nicknamed my daughter “number one” and joked with “number one” for the rest of the evening. He even joined us at the table for a while!

Despite the fact that it was only Pizza, it was authentic Italian pizza, cooked with fresh garlic and sun ripened tomatoes in a wood-fired oven. Delicious, to be sure, but I am not going to pretend I remember if it was mozzarella, gorgonzola or a combination of the two.

When we were done eating and drinking and people watching in this magical piazza, we wondered when the bill would arrive. In fact, we discovered it would never arrive, until we said we were done. The Italians have it right.

The point is, if pressed to pick the meal I would want seconds of, this would be it. A good meal, eaten in the cutest corner of the world, with a friendly, funny waiter at a relaxed leisurely pace.

Please Sir, I want some more!


A Habs Fan – A Little Late to the Party


I didn’t grow up with hockey; not one of us 5 kids played. In our house, nobody watched hockey (or any other sport for that matter). My boyfriend (now husband) did play university hockey and I supportively watched his games, except for the small fact that I couldn’t tell you what position he played.
Not one of our three children played hockey.

So how did I get to be a passionate Montreal Canadians fan? I got to thinking about this last week, as the flat screen was at the receiving end of my screaming. It was one of those great nights where some bozo gets a penalty in the last 5 minutes and loses the game . It wasn’t pretty and my potty mouth was showing its true colours.

But really when did this happen? Sure, my kids would watch the play-offs when the Habs earned their way up there. But we never watched the journey there.

Then, the kids left home and this empty-nester took up a new interest, Hockey and my Habs !!! And you know what? I love them, feel bad for them, get angry with them, but I love them. It is no longer “they” earn a spot in the play-offs, it is “we” play, or “we” lost. We had morphed into one entity. There is nothing better than seeing a great team power play, or more infuriating than a puck careening through 18 million dollars of golden boys. I gain 10 pounds and bite my nails to the stub during play-offs.

I finally get the passion Montreal feels for its team. It is part of the culture, it transcends the language barrier. I am a Montrealer, and whether it is a bad year or a good year, the Habs are my team!

You Are So Beautiful to Me

Daily Prompt – Cupid’s Arrow

You Are So Beautiful to Me

I am not much of a Valentine’s fan, I don’t think romantic gestures or thoughts should be reserved for one day of the year.  But it is February, so I will cave and call this a Valentine for you, even though the sentiments are felt every day…. all year long.

This song sums it up quite nicely, you are everything I could ever hope for, you are so beautiful to me.  I love ………….

The way you always love me.  You support everything and anything I want

The father that you are.  You love and support every one of your children and brag to everyone about them

The way you share my love of life.  You are fun and adventurous and always up for anything 🙂

The way you love taking pictures and never tire of those moving subjects (birds)

I love your open mind and heart. You always play devil’s advocate and see things from another perspective

I love your calm disposition, a high-strung person like me needs a person like you – so even-tempered

But, calm as you are, I love your sensitive side, how you acted when your children were born and at your mom’s bedside near the end.

I love your “think outside the box” attitude, any and everything is possible. You have a way of making those around you believe it too.

You spoil me, cater to me and make sure that I am always happy (and I am !!)

I don’t know how I knew at 17 that you were my perfect match, my best friend, my lover and my life-long partner, but I did.

You are so beautiful to me!!

Daily Prompt – Whoa – Definitely Mind-Boggling

What is the most surreal experience you ever had?

Initially, I thought about when I was drinking tea in the Atlas Mountains with nomadic people in Morocco, or meeting tribal people in the Peruvian Amazon.  Those were definitely unbelievable experiences.  But when I really thought about it, the one experience that I, just could not wrap my head around, no matter how hard I tried was…. when I held my first-born child.

It has been a hellish delivery and I was exhausted and in pain, but all that was overshadowed by my sheer bewilderment. My husband and I studied this tiny baby, that was somehow, the combination of our DNA. We touched the soft skin, marvelled at the tiny finger nails and tried to decide who’s nose he had. It was with awe and amazement that I realized that this squirming little baby had my traits, features and DNA, as well as, that of my best friend and husband.

Matthew’s Asian features were dominant, and it was easy to see, physically, he had managed to inherit many of his dad’s traits.  This made the mystery even more intriguing, what features would he inherit from me?, My bad sense of direction, my temperament, my tiny ears, or the cow lick on the back of my head?  The miracle or lottery or whatever force is at work in the creation of a new baby is mind-boggling, and led to my most surreal moment, or 30 when I studied my new baby boy (25 years ago).