Daily Post: Planned Whimsical Living

Daily Post: What are you more comfortable with, routine and planning or laissez-faire spontaneity?

Travel, exploration and activity-filled weekends are on my basic necessities list. I am game to try most things at least once (short of jumping out of a plane). So the answer would seem obvious. I think most people who know me (but don’t REALLY know me) would assume I am a carefree, spontaneous woman. And really, I have tried to be, but I just can’t do it. The only way this chick is acting on a whim, is if she has carefully planned it. Planned spontaneity is my life mantra.

I begin every weekend the same way, “what shall we do this weekend? I am up for anything, I just need to know what is going down”.

I begin every day the same way, I spend 3 minutes thinking about the day’s planned events.

I earnestly research my trips. I reserve all my accommodations, have a couple of positively rated restaurants in mind and have sunny and rainy day activities planned. Notes such as, “Wander such and such neighbourhood” and “Take taxi to the hotel” are even scribbled into the itinerary. That said, I’m not a crazy, rigid person, of course, if something interesting pops up, I am flexible.

I admire the people who can be laissez-faire, like my daughter, but I just can’t do it. Planned whimsical living for me!!


8 thoughts on “Daily Post: Planned Whimsical Living

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  3. Life is definitely too short, living well and living your dream is one of our fundamental rights. Acting with spontaneity (cautious spontaneity) is very important to me and my family. I enjoy doing wild and crazy things, but in a safe way.
    Live Well

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  8. “Planned Whimsical Living” how I prefer to travel. I have to plan where I’m staying and the major attractions I want to see, but I do allow for some wondering about and the “off the beaten path” places. Please check out my post, “Planning everything accomplishes nothing” at http://jewelammons.wordpress.com. I also need routine for my day-to-day living.

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