Daily Post: Miss Twiggley’s Tree

Daily Prompt, what was your favorite bedtime story and did it influence who you are today?

I loved the daily prompt today. It reminded me of a book I loved as a child. In fact, it is one of the few books, from my childhood that I still own. Miss Twiggley’s Tree, by Dorothea Warren Fox, copyright 1966

This is a great book with moral messages of tolerance, kindness and prejudice. However, all of those lessons went unnoticed (at least consciously) by me, at the time. I loved this book because Miss Twiggley was the coolest lady ever. I wanted to be Miss Twiggley.

Funny Miss Twiggley
Lived in a tree
With a dog named Puss
and a color TV

She did what she liked
and she liked what she did

Who wouldn’t want to live in a giant tree house, and have bears for friends? She also did not care one iota that the people in town thought she was strange.

It turns out that my favourite bedtime story had an awesome role model, but I didn’t realize it back then. I think it might very well have influenced me to follow my heart when I act (and not to worry about what people think). I hope that Miss Twiggley’s tolerance, forgiveness and kindness have rubbed off on me, in some way or another. I loved (and still love) this book and it makes me smile remembering all the times I read it or it was read to me.

How about you? What was your favourite childhood book.


9 thoughts on “Daily Post: Miss Twiggley’s Tree

  1. What a wonderful book, wish I would have read it when I was young. The book that immediately comes to mind for me is Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

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  7. Ahh to live that carefree! I forgot about this book. Great post. I’m going to check this book out tomorrow at work 🙂

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