The Years Are Short

I have had a long absence from writing. Quite frankly, I was in a funk. I had an unsettled sensation, one I couldn’t really label. I felt preoccupied and not particularly happy. But then, this morning I saw this video. It reminded me of my husband. Two weekends ago, he helped our son move from New York City to Toronto. He ended up sleeping three hours in a 48 hour period. They worked tirelessly, packing boxes, scrubbing the apartment and driving the U-haul moving truck all through the night. Things did not run all that smoothly, with late moving men and blocked bridges and roads. But….. my husband returned from the weekend with a big smile and said, “That was such a great weekend!” I didn’t get it, until I watched this video.

I think I had allowed myself to forget about the joys in everyday life. The flowers in my garden, the conversation with friend, cooking a meal, my peaceful haven of a backyard and my walk to pick up the mail. I forgot to appreciate a call from my daughter or a visit from my parents. I needed a wake up call and am happy to have received it in the form of Gretchin Rubin’s video.

My daughter has returned to live at home after graduating and I am treasuring every minute we have together, even times that seem mundane. We don’t have to be taking shopping trips or going to the movies, we can be setting the table or folding laundry. I will treasure it, because all too soon…. she will find a different job and move far away. The years are short and this is it !!