You Teach Kindness with Your Life, not Your Words

Ripple Effect

As parents, we all want our children to be kind. There are many articles advising parents to “tell them this” or “tell them that”. As with most skills you want your children to learn, kindness is best modeled.

I grew up with the best models going. That is because my parents are kind people, plain and simple. My dad always put the items on a check out belt, price tag up to facilitate the cashier (in the days before barcodes). They always held doors for people, helped a mom struggling with a stroller, dropped money in the Salvation Army giant ball. I was in toe when my mom helped make Christmas packages for families who hit hard times. My mom did her part organizing church fundraisers and always took time to visit sick or lonely friends. As they are aging, they host their widow friends for monthly luncheons and drive…

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