Tanka Winter Poem


Winter Trees

Silent winter trees
A resting spot for snow flakes
Sleeping there on limbs
Watching, listening and waiting
For a break in solitude


You Are So Beautiful to Me

Daily Prompt – Cupid’s Arrow

You Are So Beautiful to Me

I am not much of a Valentine’s fan, I don’t think romantic gestures or thoughts should be reserved for one day of the year.  But it is February, so I will cave and call this a Valentine for you, even though the sentiments are felt every day…. all year long.

This song sums it up quite nicely, you are everything I could ever hope for, you are so beautiful to me.  I love ………….

The way you always love me.  You support everything and anything I want

The father that you are.  You love and support every one of your children and brag to everyone about them

The way you share my love of life.  You are fun and adventurous and always up for anything 🙂

The way you love taking pictures and never tire of those moving subjects (birds)

I love your open mind and heart. You always play devil’s advocate and see things from another perspective

I love your calm disposition, a high-strung person like me needs a person like you – so even-tempered

But, calm as you are, I love your sensitive side, how you acted when your children were born and at your mom’s bedside near the end.

I love your “think outside the box” attitude, any and everything is possible. You have a way of making those around you believe it too.

You spoil me, cater to me and make sure that I am always happy (and I am !!)

I don’t know how I knew at 17 that you were my perfect match, my best friend, my lover and my life-long partner, but I did.

You are so beautiful to me!!