Spring – Great Time to Declutter



The weather is finally starting to improve. It has been one COLD, long winter. While it is still too cool to do outdoor work, I am inspired to declutter the house. Here is my method.

1) I have discovered the virtual garage sale site Varagesale. I don’t really love having to meet people for the exchange, but it is worth the effort to know my clutter will be loved in someone else’s home (and I may even make a bit of money)

Time to get rid of DVDs,  we only watch digital now.

Time to get rid of DVDs, we only watch digital now.

2) Every garbage day and recycle day, I promise to discard at least one thing beyond the regular weekly waste. Surprisingly, I get “on a roll” and often fill the bin, yay me!!

3) I started a pile of stuff that will go to the local Eco Centre in Spring

4) My starting point is the storage room and when it’s clean, I will have an organized room where I can make a “home’ for things from the rest of the house.

How about you? How do you tackle the task of decluttering?