The Hour-Glass

Lately , my mind has been reflecting on time.  The hour-glass of life is emptying way too fast.


“What have I done with my life?”  “What should I do with the time left?” It is easy to get depressed looking around at successful people and feel inadequate. “Do I contribute enough?”

I don’t have all the answers, but perhaps success is overrated. There
are many “successful” people who are ruthless and mean.  I don’t want that for myself.  I don’t have all the meaning of life answers, but I do know what is right for me. In the time I have left, as my hourglass empties, I will……

1) Embrace and spend time with the people I love and who love me

2) Limit time with people who are negative or bring me down

3) Accept others for who they are and their choices, make no judgements

4) Find the good in all people and situations

5) Play and Laugh, have as much fun as possible

6) Share my talents, time and resources with others – practice kindness whenever I can

7) Keep learning!  Explore, question, investigate, travel, try new things – never stop learning

8) Practice Daily Gratitude for all I have, big and small, so much wonderful things in my life

9) Acknowledge and validate, not enough people give others complements or simply say “You are important to me, thanks for being you”


So there it is, none of us knows when their hourglass will be empty but I have a plan for the time that is left.  No great inventions, books or businesses, just an open mind, open heart, fun and authenticity.




What Side of the Fence Will I Fall on?


I hate shopping on weekends, with the crowds, the bratty kids, the impatient parents, and the incompetent sales clerks.  But I had to get a few groceries so I reluctantly headed to the mini mall.  I pulled in the parking lot.  Without warning, a car stops dead in the middle of the lane, puts an indicator on, and sits…….. blocking traffic, and by traffic, I mean, me !!

After a minute, after my blood pressure has soared, I decide to squeeze around this asshole.  Just as I am next to him, he reconsiders his parking place, pulls out and cuts me off.   Beeeeeeeeeeppppppppp, I lay it on the horn. I am so pissed.

Now, I am generally a very cheery, “glass half full” kind of gal, but this incident, as well as my occasional rants about “kids these days”, “the lazy generation of 20 somethings”, irresponsible parents”  have me fearing that I could, indeed, fall on the wrong side of the fence.

The way I see it, old people fall in two camps, there is no “in between”, just two sides of the fence. One…. the old, cynical, swearing, grumpy ones, and two…..  the sweet, optimistic, nonjudgemental cheerful seniors. You know the ones that always make you feel better when you see them.

I have to admit, as I age, I am finding more aging people around me becoming grumpy, old people.  And I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was afraid of falling on the wrong side of the temperament fence, myself.

I don’t have a grand plan to ensure I fall on the “right” side of the fence.

I am hoping awareness is half the battle.  I am counting on this consciousness to jolt me into less irritable behaviour every time my curmudgeon side reveals itself.   I will also try to silence all negative or judgmental remarks that pop into my head.  Finally, I will surround myself with more of those cheery, optimistic types and hope their goodness will rub off on me.

Wish me luck, and let’s hope I fall on the “right” side of the fence.