Celebrate the Women in Your Life

March 8th is International Women’s Day. I have many wishes for women the world over, happiness, safety, equal opportunity, and education. Beyond global wishes, we also need to remember the special women in our day-to-day life.

The special women is my life are my mom and my two daughters. My mother formed who I am, my deep seeded values and ability to love and nurture. She was my role model for most of my life.

Until I gained two new role models, my daughters, who challenged the values I held, pushed me to be more tolerant and open-minded. They are smart, kind, beautiful, tough and ambitious. They taught and continue to teach me every day.

All three of these women made me who I am today. I love them to the moon and back.


Daily Prompt – Whoa – Definitely Mind-Boggling

What is the most surreal experience you ever had?

Initially, I thought about when I was drinking tea in the Atlas Mountains with nomadic people in Morocco, or meeting tribal people in the Peruvian Amazon.  Those were definitely unbelievable experiences.  But when I really thought about it, the one experience that I, just could not wrap my head around, no matter how hard I tried was…. when I held my first-born child.

It has been a hellish delivery and I was exhausted and in pain, but all that was overshadowed by my sheer bewilderment. My husband and I studied this tiny baby, that was somehow, the combination of our DNA. We touched the soft skin, marvelled at the tiny finger nails and tried to decide who’s nose he had. It was with awe and amazement that I realized that this squirming little baby had my traits, features and DNA, as well as, that of my best friend and husband.

Matthew’s Asian features were dominant, and it was easy to see, physically, he had managed to inherit many of his dad’s traits.  This made the mystery even more intriguing, what features would he inherit from me?, My bad sense of direction, my temperament, my tiny ears, or the cow lick on the back of my head?  The miracle or lottery or whatever force is at work in the creation of a new baby is mind-boggling, and led to my most surreal moment, or 30 when I studied my new baby boy (25 years ago).