Gotta Love Business Trips – Staycation Heaven

A business trip is a wonderful thing. I don’t mean me taking a business trip, I mean me staying home alone while my hubby goes on a business trip. Every time my husband has to leave for a few days,  I get that Risky Business, home alone, yippee, kind of feeling.  It may sound terrible, but I do rather like it when my husband leaves town for a few days.  Really, I love him to pieces but there is something liberating about two or three days alone.  I live it up, in my own silly ways.


My list of guilty pleasures.

lucky charms

1) Eat garbage (Lucky Charms, toast and Kraft dinner…. and lots of chocolate).  I don’t bother making any actual meals in those few days.

2) Sleep In guilt free

3) Read until I am too tired to keep my eyes open any longer. This is usually four or five hours after my “normal” bedtime.

4) Spa “sort of” treatments.  Long hot baths, painting of fingernails, facial and a proper leg shaving

5) Watching subtitled movies. My husband and I have pretty much the same taste in movies, except he is not a big fan of subtitles. So this is my chance to enjoy them un-apologetically.

6) Waste time. Somehow I feel this is my free time, no accountability (not that I ever have to account for how I spend my time, that is an obligation I put on myself) But when hubby is out of town I feel I have a “free  pass” to research trips, read blogs for hours, take naps or do whatever my heart desires.



This would definitely not be the way to live for an extended period of time. But for a few days it really is a revuvinating staycation, without leaving home. How about you, what do you do (or would you do)  when you get the house to yourself, away from your family for a few days?